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Name: johnA    From: birmingham al usa
Your voice and music are so uplifting and make our days brighter.

We do hope you plan a tour through the Deep South USA soon so we can come see you there.

Added: 30th Aug 2012

Name: John Sharp    From: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Lovely, simply lovely!I first heard the langauge of my highland ancestors while watching a TV show on the gaels of Cape Breton,with my Dad, many many years ago, and I instantly fell in love with the gaelic. Excellent!!

Added: 22nd Aug 2012

Name: Claire Slater    From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Dear Julie,
My name is Claire and I am five years old and I really like "Touch the Sky." I heard it when I went to watch the movie Brave with my mum and Dad and brother. Now we have the music at home and I like to listen to it over and over and over and over and over and over and over again!
My birthday party next month is going to be a Brave birthday party!

Added: 3rd Aug 2012

Name: JK    From: Melbourne Australia
I found a loose thread via Donal Lunny and followed it to you. I can feel my DNA tingling when I listen to Irish and Scottish Gaelic. Big CD order coming from AU in the next couple of days :)

Added: 29th Jul 2012

Name: Calum MacRitchie    From: East Peoria Il
I bate these systems that think you can't spell. My uncle's name is Murdo MacFarlane.

Added: 28th Jul 2012

Name: Calum MacRitchie    From: East Peoria Il
I really enjoy your music. You may have heard of my uncle Murdock MacFarlane. He championed keeping the Gaelic alive. He would be very proud of you. Hope you come back to the States soon.

Added: 28th Jul 2012

Name: Gord Ripley    From: Teeswater, Ontario
My ancestors were from North Uist, and I am a piper, but I'd admire your splendid singing regardless. The best Gaelic singer in the land!

Added: 18th Jul 2012

Name: Emily Enger    From: Shapleigh, Maine
I came across a utube link on "one minute scot Gaelic" site, while learning Scottish gaelic. After I watched it I immediately bought a cd. Absolutely beautiful!!! Can't wait to hear more songs. Thank you so much!!

Added: 11th Jul 2012

Name: Jenifer Niemi    From: New Jersey US
Lol!! Because of brave you will now get so much more attention... which is absolutely great because you deserve it. You're vocals are so captivating. I have always loved the gaelic musical sound and now I have a lovely singer to listen to. I never knew where to begin! Thank you (:

Added: 10th Jul 2012

Name: Kelly Bidstrup    From: Denver
I discovered you because I watched Brave last weekend. Your music is beautiful. I hope this movie gives you a big break in the US. Please come to Denver!!! Ride the Brave wave to my city!

Added: 4th Jul 2012

Name: Jeff Lubyk    From: Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada
When you sing Tha Mo Ghaol Air Aird a' Chuain it makes me cry... cause its so beautifull!!! Thank you... Love your voice... Please come to Saskatoon, I really wanna hear you sing live... I would pay $400 to go to your concert any day!!! =')

Added: 21st Jun 2012

Name: Fiona Plischke    From: Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
What a voice! I don't understand the lyrics, but I can sure feel the emotion in your voice. Simply beautiful. You have a new fan in me.

Added: 20th Jun 2012

Name: Kevin Miller    From: California, USA
It is very refreshing and wonderful to hear a new spirit in something that has been forgotten and overlooked by the world. Especially in the age of electronics, where anyone can present what they believe is music. You truly have a wonderful voice, extraordinary real talent, and I wish you the best of Luck. - Kev

Added: 8th Jun 2012

Name: corsa772    From: Germany
PLEASE Rüsselsheim. A concert in Luedenscheid again ist good but a concert in Ruesselsheim are better (because the high petrol prize).

Added: 5th Jun 2012

Name: Denis    From: Russia, Saint-Peterburg
Julie, you are beautiful!

Added: 2nd Jun 2012

Julie with the brilliant Québécois quartet 'Le Vent du Nord' perform “Noces Tragique”.

Gach sgeul, the new album, OUT NOW

Julie Fowlis performing Hè Gràdh Hò Gràdh’ on BBC's Transatlantic Sessions


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25th Feb
Grande salle Pierre Boulez, Philharmonie de Paris, 221, avenue Jean-Jaurès, 75019 Paris, France **SOLD OUT**

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