Mar 24 2011

“Julie on Mike Harding's BBC Radio 2 Show - Wednesday 23 March”

For all who might have missed the feature on Julie during Mike Harding's Radio 2 Folk Music Programme at 7.00pm last night (Wednesday 23 March); you might be interested in catching it again on the BBC I Player by visiting the following link:-
Julie spoke about the newly released 'Live at Perthshire Amber' Album and Mike played a couple of tracks from it, including her duet collaboration of 'Pabay Mor' with the Festival's originator and organiser, Dougie MacLean OBE.

Feb 12 2011

“New collaboration - Gaelic and Galician traditions”

Next month sees a brand new and exciting collaboration between Julie and Galician singer Rosa Cedrn, in a concert called 'Facing the Atlantic', as part of the celebrated roots festival in Stirling, The Blend Festival. 

This very special project, put together by Julie Fowlis and the Tolbooth, looks at two very different areas of the world that share historical ties, cultural connections, and the fact that they face out the vast waters of the Atlantic. Galicia in Northwest Spain and the Western Isles of Scotland, brought together with music and song.

Rosa Cedrn began her career in the Galician band Luar Na Lubre and her sophisticated vocals and cello slip easily between her traditional background and a more contemporary European sound.  This project sees voices from the Gaelic and Galician traditions linking and exploring each others sound worlds.

The whole day will be dedicated to the opportunities in language, the language of song, music and of poetry.

Julie and Rosa will be performing with the talents of Éamon Doorley (bouzouki) and Alex Blanco (guitar) with special guests Matheu Watson (fiddle, guitar) and South Uist singer Gillebrde MacMillan, who will also deliver a Gaelic song workshop in the afternoon and a pre-concert talk. 

Jan 24 2011

“Nice Reviews from the Observer and Independent on Sunday.”

Nice Reviews from the Observer and Independent on Sunday.

Dec 31 2010

“New Album!”

Hiya folks,

Hope you all had (and are continuing to have!) a lovely time over the festive period.  We ourselves have been exceltionally lucky, and enjoyed family time both in Scotland and Ireland. 

I wanted to drop in today to let you know that we have a brand new album!  It is an hour long Live album, featuring the core band of myself, my husband Éamon Doorley, Duncan Chisholm, Tony Byrne and Martin ONeill and was recorded onstage at Pitlochry Festival Theatre at Dougie MacLeans Perthshire Amber Festival in October this year.  It really encapsulates the live sound and essence of the band after a Summer of touring, playing and fine tuning our set.  The concert was captured by fantastic engineers and equipment, courtesy of Alan Dinner Mackinnon and Edinburghs EFX Audio, and mixed by Éamon, myself and the talented Transatlantic Sessions TV series engineer Iain Hutchison.  And even though it crossed the water and was mastered in Memphis, Tennessee, the album was turned around from gig to album in just a few short weeks.  A very different recording experience, and one that I personally really enjoyed. 

The album features tracks from all three studio albums, plus an extra encore/bonus track - a duet with Dougie MacLean and a bilingual re-working of his beautiful song 'Pabay Mr'.  The record will be officially released in the shops on January 24th, with a launch at our Celtic Connections 'Highland Sessions' gig on January 22nd in Glasgow.

The 'Live at Perthshire Amber' album is available NOW to pre-order from our own website at a special pre-order price of £8.99 plus postage.  Here is the link!

Wishing you all the best as we look towards 2011.  We're off to welcome in the New Year in Edinburgh tomorrow for the 1.1.11 show in Resolution Square.  Happy days. 

Tha mi a' guidhe gach beannachd dhuibh airson na bliadhna ri thighinn.

Le spis,

Julie x

Dec 08 2010

“Duaisean Cel Traidiseanta na h-Alba - Scots Trad Music Awards”

Tha sinn air leth toilichte gun d' fhuair an clr mu dheireadh againn 'Uam' aon de na promh dhuaisean air oidhche Shathairne aig Duaisean Cel Traidiseanta na h-Alba neo 'Na Trads'.  'S e oidhche mhr a bh' againn ann am Peairt agus tha sinn a' cur meal a naidheachd air Sm Thoumire agus an sgioba aig 'Hands Up for Trad' airson an oidhche a chuir air digh, agus gu dearbh air a h-uile duine a chaidh ainmeachadh aig na Trads am bliadhna.

We were very proud and humbled to receive the award for 'Album of the Year' for our last studio album, 'Uam' at the Scots Trad Music Awards 2010 in Perth on Saturday night.  We'd like to say a special thank you to all those who took time to vote for us, and myself and Éamon would particularly like to thank all the talented musicians and singers who contributed to this album.  The award goes to all of them too!  Congratulations to Simon Thoumire and all the 'Hands Up for Trad' team who put on an excellent evening, and indeed to all those who were nominated this year across all categories.

Julie with the brilliant Québécois quartet 'Le Vent du Nord' perform “Noces Tragique”.

Gach sgeul, the new album, OUT NOW

Julie Fowlis performing Hè Gràdh Hò Gràdh’ on BBC's Transatlantic Sessions


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