Oct 14 2009

“Film goirid mu dheidhinn 'Uam' / Short film about new Julie Fowlis album 'Uam' ”

Sep 21 2009

“Caidreachais urramach OGE - Honorary fellowhip UHI for Julie”

'ThŔid an seinneadair GÓidhlig Julie Fowlis a chur an dreuchd mar aon de thri¨ir luchd-caidreachais ¨r de dhĺ Oilthigh na GÓidhealtachd ĺs nan Eilean, an tha an-drÓsta sa bheairt, far a bheil i na h-oileanach for-cheum.   Tha Julie ag ionnsachadh airson ceum maighstir ann an cultar d¨thchasach agus an Órainneachd tro cholaiste chompÓirteach Sabhal M˛r Ostaig OGE.

ThŔid caidreachais urramach cuideachd a bhuileachadh air Brian MacUilleim, a bha roimhid na mhinistear l¨th aig an Rýoghachd Aonaichte agus Oilbhreis Ruiseail, a tha na urrasair aig Urras Leasachaidh Oilthigh na GÓidhealtachd ĺs nan Eilean agus na chathraiche air sgioba na h-iomairt, aig ˛raid bhliadhnail OGE air a sti¨ireadh le Colaisde aĺ Chaisteil OGE ann an Ste˛rnabhagh, Eilean Le˛dhais, air 30mh Sultain.'
'The Gaelic singer Julie Fowlis is to be appointed one of three new honorary fellows of the prospective University of the Highlands and Islands where she is a postgraduate student.  Julie is studying for an MA in material culture and the environment (cultar d¨thchasach agus an Órainneachd) through partner college Sabhal M˛r Ostaig UHI.

Honorary fellowships will also be conferred on former UK energy minister Brian Wilson and Oliver Russell, trustee of the University of the Highlands and Islands Development Trust and chair of the campaign team, at the UHI annual lecture hosted by Lews Castle College UHI in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, on 30th September.'

Previous recipients of this fellowship include the Irish President Mary McAleese, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Dr Val MacIver, Highland Councillor Jean Urquhart, Gordon Baxter OBE and Dr Anne Lorne Gilles.

Sep 14 2009

“FÓilte / Welcome”

A' chÓirdean ch˛ire,

FÓilte dhan lÓrach-lýn ¨r againn, tha sinn an d˛chas gun c˛rd e riubh!

Welcome to the brand new website! We hope you like it. There is so much going on just now - the release of the new album 'Uam' or 'From Me' is now scheduled for release on October 26th in Europe and March 2010 in the US and Canada.  You can order a sneaky advance copy direct from us here at the website store which will be dispatched to you at the beginning of October, almost a full four weeks before official release.

There are new tour dates on the tour page.  We will be touring the new album in selected venues in Scotland and England in October with the five piece band - myself, Éamon Doorley, Duncan Chisholm, Tony Byrne and Martin O'Neill - it promises to be loads of fun, let us know if you can manage to come along to join in the craic and hear our new set.

Transatlantic Sessions Series 4 started on BBC Scotland just last night and will be showing also on BBC 4 soon too.  Keep an eye on our Twitter/Myspace/Facebook pages for details of what we are up to or just to read the random ramblings and musings. Make friends too!

OK better sign off for now - we have put up three preview tracks in the site here with more to go up on our myspace etc in the coming days.  We will also have some film footage and other exciting new things coming to the website before release so keep popping back to see what's new.  Oh - PS there are a few funky new tee shirts and bags in the store too. Happy shopping :o)

Take care of yourselves,


Julie x

Jul 23 2009

“Album number 3”

Julie has been busy recording album number 3 over the last month, and is in the exciting process of finalising everything at the moment.  We'll keep you in touch as to how everything is shaping up, and when the official release date will be.  Watch out for a new website re-vamp soon!

Mar 19 2009

“Julie's news and new tour dates!”

Hi folks,

Hope you're all well!  New tour dates just announced for the US in April and England in May.  Check them out on the tour page You can also read Julie's recent travel blogs on her myspace page remember to add her as a friend if you haven't done so already!  Julie has also just had the pleasure of performing with Bill Whelan (composer of Riverdance), the BBC Ulster Orchestra plus various talented international soloists for St Patrick's Day.  You can hear their live St Patrick's Day Performance from the Waterfront Hall in Belfast for the next few days on BBC iPlayer just click here -

Julie with the brilliant Québécois quartet 'Le Vent du Nord' perform “Noces Tragique”.

Gach sgeul, the new album, OUT NOW

Julie Fowlis performing Hè Gràdh Hò Gràdh’ on BBC's Transatlantic Sessions


Tour Dates

25th Feb
Grande salle Pierre Boulez, Philharmonie de Paris, 221, avenue Jean-JaurŔs, 75019 Paris, France **SOLD OUT**

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