Dec 11 2008

“dual myspace”

Check out our new "dual" project myspace.  It's at - become a friend of "dual"!  There is a video, some reviews and you can also listen to some tracks from the album.

Nov 18 2008

“"cuilidh" special edition 3-disc box set now available!”

Hey folks,

Tha mi 'n dchas gu bheil sibh uile ann an deagh thruim. Tha naidheachd r agam dhuibh.

We have news! A brand new, limited edition 3-disc box set of "cuilidh" has now been launched. It features:

Disc 1 - original album "cuilidh" (which was voted "Album of the Year 2007")
Disc 2 - acclaimed single "Lon-dubh/Blackbird" plus 5 live tracks from the sell out ABC Celtic Connections show with the big band
Disc 3 - Promo film about Julie plus a bonus video track from the ABC concert.

All this - plus a new foreword by Scottish author Ian Rankin and a Q & A session with Julie, by Sue Wilson.

Available to buy NOW from the Store here

Remember there are only a few days to left to vote at the Scots Trad Music Awards (we are up for Live Act of the Year) - make sure you go and support them - whoever you vote for!!! You can vote here

With love from the rainy but beautiful Hebrides,

Julie x

Nov 09 2008

“Julie & band voted for ”

MG ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards 2008:
We are very honoured to have been nominated in these National awards as Live Act of the Year. The winner is decided through a public vote, so if you felt we were deserving of a vote you can go online and vote here at the Hands Up For Trad website - you dont need to vote in every category if you dont want to. We are also delighted that our good friend and fellow musician Duncan Chisholms beautiful record Farrar has also been nominated for Album of the Year. Voting closes on November 21st. Drop in and support the awards by voting - whoever you choose!

Love Julie x

Oct 22 2008

“Lon-dubh / Blackbird Digital Download”

Julie's Gaelic Interpretation of the classic Beatles song Blackbird is now available to download directly from Julie's store at

Oct 20 2008

“"dual" CD”

Tha sinn air leth toilichte innse gu bheil a chlr r againn dual deiseil a-nisd, agus bidh e sa bhth againn air an lrach-ln an-diugh! Faodaidh sibh an clr neo dreach track neo dh a cheannach aig S e priseact a tha seo air a bheil sinn air a bhith ag obair airson cha mhr ceithir bliadhna a-nis, agus s e clr a bhios a togail nan ceangalaichean (agus cuideachd a toirt nan eadar-dhealachaidhean am follais) eadar dualchasan Gidhealach Alba agus irinn a thaobh rain agus cel. Tha sinn air a bhith fortanach taic fhaighinn bhon sgeam Deis aig Buidheann Ealain irinn agus Iomairt Chaluim Chille.

We are delighted to announce that our new album dual is now ready and available to buy in our store online from today! You can purchase the album (with informative booklet inside) or you can even download a track or two, or the whole album direct from us at

This is an album that myself and my husband Éamon worked on with top singer and instrumentalist Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh from Co Kerry, Ireland, and super-charged guitarist Ross Martin from Lochaber. In the album, we explore the close links (and also the differences) between Gaelic Scotland and Ireland. We would like to thank the Deis scheme from the Arts Council of Ireland and the Columba Initiative for all their valuable help and support.

Myself, Éamon, Duncan and Tony were delighted to do a session for the legendary Bob Harris last Saturday - you can still listen again

Julie with the brilliant Québécois quartet 'Le Vent du Nord' perform “Noces Tragique”.

Gach sgeul, the new album, OUT NOW

Julie Fowlis performing Hè Gràdh Hò Gràdh’ on BBC's Transatlantic Sessions


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