Album Reviews

World Listening Post
Julie Fowlis: Gach Sgeul (Every Story)
17th Aug, 2015
Fatea Magazine
Julie Fowlis - Gach Sgeul (Every Story)
1st Aug, 2014
FolkWorld (Germany)
Julie Fowlis "Gach Sgeul - Every Story"
1st Jul, 2014
Lira Magazine (Sweden)
Julie Fowlis - Gach sgeul - Every Story
1st Jun, 2014
Kith Folk
Julie Fowlis. Gach sgeul – Every Story.
1st Jun, 2014
Irish Music Magazine
Julie Fowlis - Gach Sgeul
18th Apr, 2014
Songlines ***** (5 Stars)
Julie Fowlis - Gach Sgeul - Every Story
1st Apr, 2014
All Music ****' (4.5 Stars)
Julie Fowlis: Gach Sgeul (Every Story)
19th Mar, 2014
Inverness Gigs
Julie's Story - A review of Julie Fowlis’, Gach Sgeul.
28th Feb, 2014
The Herald
Julie Fowlis: Gach Sguel (Machair Records)
27th Feb, 2014
Chimeo Music **** (4 Stars)
Gach Sgeul/Every Story
25th Feb, 2014
The Observer **** (4 Stars)
Gach Sgeul (Every Story) - Review
23rd Feb, 2014
The Independent *** (3 Stars)
Julie Fowlis 'Gach Sgeul: Every Story' (Machair)
23rd Feb, 2014
Live at Perthshire Amber
20th May, 2011
Maverick Magazine ****(4 Stars)
Live at Perthshire Amber
20th Apr, 2011
The Telegraph ****(4 Stars)
Live At Perthshire Amber
6th Apr, 2011
Baker & Taylor
Julie Fowlis 'Uam'
1st Apr, 2011
Fabrications HQ
Live at Perthshire Amber
1st Mar, 2011
Live at Perthshire Amber’
5th Feb, 2011
Live at Perthshire Amber
2nd Feb, 2011
The Irish World
Live at Perthshire Amber
1st Feb, 2011
Bright Young Folk
Live At Perthshire Amber
1st Feb, 2011
10th Dec, 2009
9th Dec, 2009
30th Nov, 2009
The Independent
Album of the Week
30th Nov, 2009
2nd Nov, 2009
31st Oct, 2009
27th Oct, 2009
25th Oct, 2009
23rd Oct, 2009
Folk Radio UK
Julie Fowlis, 'Uam'
7th Oct, 2009
18th Apr, 2007
1st Apr, 2007
24th Mar, 2007

Live Reviews

The Rock Club UK
Julie Fowlis, Kris Drever, Pádraig Rynne, Aoife Ní Bhriain Pavilion Theatre, Dun Laoghaire, Ireland.
6th Feb, 2017
Et Online
A Piece of Scotland Comes to ETSU
24th Oct, 2016
Julie Fowlis concert at the Shakespeare Globe Theatre in London
31st May, 2015
The Argus ***** (5 Star)
Brighton Festival
22nd May, 2015
The Spectrum (USA)
Julie Fowlis Proves Music Really is the Universal Language
27th Oct, 2014
Passion for Sharing the Gaelic Culture
21st Oct, 2014
Hays Daily News (USA)
Encore Performance Transports Audience to Scotland
19th Oct, 2014
The Guardian **** (4 Stars)
Kings Place, London – Wednesday 9 April 2014
11th Apr, 2014
The Public Reviews **** (4 Stars)
Julie Fowlis - The Lowry, Salford
9th Apr, 2014
The Telegraph **** (4 Stars)
Transatlantic Sessions - London
4th Feb, 2014
The Scotsman *** (3 Stars)
Transatlantic Sessions - Glasgow
3rd Feb, 2014
Herald Scotland
Agenda-setting display of talent.
19th Jan, 2014
The Scotsman ***** (5 Stars)
Celtic Connections Opening Concert, Glasgow
17th Jan, 2014
Celtic Beat Magazine
Julie Fowlis - US 'Spring' Tour - Music of the Scottish Isles
12th Apr, 2013
Raymond Soltysek's Blog (Celtic Connections)
Julie Fowlis 'Heisgeir' The Mitchell Library 27/1/12
27th Jan, 2012
The Scotsman ***** (5 Stars)
Blas Festival - 'Heisgeir'
13th Sep, 2011
Blas 2011 - 'Heisgeir'
12th Sep, 2011
The Times **** (4 Stars)
Folk - Transatlantic Sessions
2nd Feb, 2011
The Telegraph ****(4 Stars)
Transatlantic Sessions, Royal Festival Hall
2nd Feb, 2011
1st Feb, 2011
The Independent
Transatlantic Sessions, South Bank Centre, London
1st Feb, 2011
Herald Scotland *****(5 Stars)
Transatlantic Sessions, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
31st Jan, 2011
Inverness Courier ****(4 Stars)
All-star Highland Sessions cast left a warm glow
28th Jan, 2011
Crackerjack (8/10)
St Georges, Bristol October 6th 2009
7th Oct, 2009
8th Apr, 2007
9th Mar, 2007

Press Articles

Sheffield Telegraph
Julie beguiling fans with a tour and second album
6th Apr, 2007
Swindon Advertiser
Julie Fowlis - The Arts Centre
3rd Apr, 2007
The Times
In love with the singer, but not a clue about the songs
31st Mar, 2007
Manchester Evening News
Gaelic star Julie true to her roots
30th Mar, 2007
The Herald
I want to use Gaelic as a strength, not apologise for it
14th Mar, 2007
The Scotsman
"Is it Kate Bush or Björk? No, it's Julie Fowlis"
9th Mar, 2007
Scotland On Sunday
A Gael force in any language
25th Feb, 2007
BBC Scotland
Celtic Roots (Interview)
1st Apr, 2006

Julie with the brilliant Québécois quartet 'Le Vent du Nord' perform “Noces Tragique”.

Gach sgeul, the new album, OUT NOW

Julie Fowlis performing Hè Gràdh Hò Gràdh’ on BBC's Transatlantic Sessions


Tour Dates

25th Feb
Grande salle Pierre Boulez, Philharmonie de Paris, 221, avenue Jean-Jaurčs, 75019 Paris, France **SOLD OUT**

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